Santiago Sánchez

IJNet Spanish Editor

Working as the IJNet Spanish Editor allows me to stay on top of today’s journalism trends, challenges and innovations. It has helped me improve my own work as a journalist, and allowed me to meet many colleagues from around the world. It has been a valuable opportunity to learn from others, and reflect about the profession and how it is changing. 

My background: I have worked in journalism since 2010, during which time I’ve covered Uruguay, as both a reporter and editor. Following 11 years with the local daily newspaper, La Diaria, in 2021 I started working for the Uruguayan weekly newspaper, Búsqueda, where I now cover Congress. I also joined the CONNECTAS Hub in 2020, after working on an award-winning cross-border investigation called Chavismo INC.  I started working at IJNet in 2013 and have witnessed the many changes the site has had since then.

I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism communication, with honors, at ORT University in Uruguay, in 2012. A year later, I began my work with ICFJ as the IJNet Spanish Editor, helping grow the site to what it is today.

Ask me about: Transparency, Uruguay, politics

My pronouns: He/him

Contact me: On Twitter