Ana Soffietto

Project Manager

Ana Soffietto is a 2019 Professional Fellow from Latin America with ICFJ.

Ana Soffietto was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1985. She majored in Communication at the University of Buenos Aires and she has worked as a journalist and communication specialist for media, government bodies, and NGOs for the past ten years. She currently works as a project manager in Sociopúblico, a communications studio that helps disseminate complex ideas, where she produces data visualizations, videos, interactive content and digital tools. She is also a product manager at Grupo Octubre, one of the main media organizations in Argentina. As a digital media entrepreneur, she founded Liebre de Marzo, a blog and Instagram community where she shares stories and interviews that propose a non-stigmatizing view about mental health disorders. After co-directing the project for two years, she became a member of the advisory board of MediaChicas, a non-profit that seeks to empower women in media by providing them with digital tools and leadership skills.