Astudestra Ajengrastri

Indonesia TruthBuzz Fellow

Astudestra Ajengrastri has been a journalist for over a decade. Ajengrastri started as a news reporter at a national broadcast television station, Trans 7, and moved to a weekly publication, Tabloid Nova, which belongs to one of the biggest media holdings in Indonesia, Kompas Gramedia. Ajengrastri wanted to support a company that incorporated advanced technology, so she joined a news mobile application startup, where she formed her own editorial team. After two years, Ajengrastri left to become the Chief Correspondent for Anadolu Agency, a Turkish news agency with operations in Indonesia. 

She is interested in data driven reporting and digital journalism. As part of her TruthBuzz Fellowship, Ajengrastri will be use her unique set of skills to support Tempo and Tirto as they expand the reach of their respective fact-checking efforts.