Ernesto Nunez Chacon

Founder and Director

Ernesto is a 2018 Professional Fellow from Latin America with ICFJ.

If Clark Kent had a son with Don Draper of “Mad Men,” that would be Ernie (no superpowers though). He is as incisive a journalist as Superman’s heat vision, as daring an advertising professional as Draper, and as acid a humorist as the reflux that many politicians make him have (The things you see at work!). By specializing in transmedia communication and in digital experience design, he has added skills such as graphic design, web programming, gamification, CMI and UX design under his belt. Elton John’s closet summarizes Ernie’s experience. Diverse! He is the founder and director of La Doble Tracción since 2014. This medium offers young people a journalistic mix of rigorous investigation and satirical humor on radio, TV and the web. It addresses national and international topics that range from elections and tax reform, to abortion on film, to terrorism in Beirut and Paris. In addition to over 160 live radio interviews. Ernie has produced and hosted 3 live TV specials. During La Doble Tracción’s first season on TV (2017-18), he produced, wrote and hosted over 24 episodes of games, debates and interviews with Costa Rica’s presidential candidates, including today’s president Carlos Alvarado. You can learn about Ernie more by reaching him through Facebook, LinkedIn, Behance or YouTube.