Guilherme Justino

Multimedia Reporter

Guilherme Justino is a 2018 Professional Fellow from Latin America with ICFJ.

Guilherme Justino is a multimedia reporter working in print, online and radio journalism for Zero Hora, GaúchaZH and Rádio Gaúcha in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Specializing in education, science and technology topics, he has won two national journalism awards and was a finalist in four others with stories on sustainability, politics and higher education. From 2012 to 2014, he worked for Terra Networks, publishing articles in Portuguese and Spanish on the 17 national websites of what was then the largest Latin American online media company. Other than working in the newsroom, he is currently pursuing his master’s degree in communication and information at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and participating in a research group focused on media studies. His research interests include information and communications technology, multimedia journalism and convergence.