Judith Morales Del Barco

Head of Social Media

Journalist from Argentina with great passion for breaking news and audiences. Currently as Head of Social Media at El Destape for their teams in the website and the radio. In the 10 years of experience in the digital news field, I've been a member of newsrooms such as La Nación and Clarín. I oversaw digital and social media teams in México as an external consultant for growth strategies. With a demonstrated focus in news I moved from Paraná to Buenos Aires to become a Journalist. While studying the undergraduate program I begun taking courses to get the teacher certification degree in that area and took my studies abroad: I explored the areas of Linguistics and Political Sciences at The University of Manchester for a semester. When I came back I understood that a glance at those fields was not enough and signed up for a Masters in International Studies with an orientation in World Economy at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, which was possible for me thanks to a grant provided by the institution. The next step in my career is to specialize in the audiences field to keep on matching my interest in world news and its distribution. Besides my skills in the news and information field, I have a special appreciation for the coffee culture. I’ve been practicing to become a barista, with the aim of exploring the process and way to create a really good cup.