Luis Assardo

Managing Director

Luis Assardo was a 2015 Professional Fellow from Latin America with ICFJ.

Assardo studied software engineering. His professional experience has to do with his three favorite fields: journalism, education and safety/security. Technology has been a tool for each field. He is also a firefighter and arson investigator.

As a journalist, he has worked in TV, radio and newspapers, as well as news sites. His last project was Diario Digital, where he worked as the Managing Director. Online journalism gave him many opportunities to work on digital projects in many countries.

He began as a teacher in math and physics around 20 years ago. As a firefighter, he became a Training Officer in Guatemala’s largest fire department. As a journalist, he began to learn about online journalism and teach his experiences.

He has invested a lot of time in arson investigation and fire research. Many times, he has found that all these fields come together in a single project. He is a 40-year-old Guatemalan, happy about life and opportunities like this one.