Nabeelah Shabbir

Senior Research Associate

Language, cultural upbringing, beliefs: there is so much of what defines us which can not necessarily be shared and understood completely, but there is much about how we live together - and have lived - that can be. I have spent my time in journalism exploring what the other’s experience is. I am a fan of the underdog, the least considered, heard or represented. As senior research associate at ICFJ, I make the most of the multilingual, truly international networks we tap into for the research projects that we do, which we see making an impact on policies, and hopefully people’s lives. It is a critical time to be aware of the systems we all live in.

I co-authored The Chilling (a report commissioned by UNESCO with ICFJ) about online violence against women journalists around the world. I am working on the “Journalism & Pandemic” project, in collaboration with the Tow Center for Journalism and ICFJ. In 2015, I shared a “British Journalism Award” at The Guardian, for the “Keep it in the Ground” team’s climate reporting. I have lived and worked in France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

Ask me about: Europe, languages, Pakistani food

My pronouns: She/her

Contact me:, on Twitter and on LinkedIn