Natalia Vargas Mora


I'm Natalia Vargas. I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. Being born in this part of the world has defined my identity, feeling identified with some qualities of Latin Americans such as resilience and inner strength. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of La Sabana in Colombia. After graduating, I did my internship in a Non-Profit organization in Montevideo, Uruguay. Destiny made me tilt towards sports journalism, where I learned a lot about this field, especially cycling. As the only female journalist, that experience helped me improve my teamwork skills as well as share my knowledge about gender and women in sports. Later, after my experience in a TV public channel, I had the opportunity to get a job in Agencia EFE, a news agency. Here, I have learned a lot about editing, how a news agency works, and what it is like to work with people older than me. In addition to that, my boss invited me to be part of the fact-checking team, giving me the opportunity to write and apply my editing skills. Nowadays, I’m focused on creating awareness about mental health and wellness in women. Depression and anxiety have increased among women due to the pandemic. Because of that, I firmly believe we should talk and create different discussions about this important matter to support each other.