Nermine Aboulez

Research Associate

The Arab Spring happened in my senior year in college, spurring my interest in journalism and political communication in the Arab region. I taught journalism and communication in Cairo for seven years, and I further developed my need to advocate for gender equality and human justice. ICFJ presented the opportunity to combine all these passions. As a research associate at ICFJ since 2019, I’ve worked on the UNESCO-ICFJ online violence project, where I was the lead researcher in the Arab region, and I’ve also worked on the Journalism and the Pandemic Project. Being trilingual, I assist with translations whenever needed.

My background: I’ve worked within a range of different teaching and research environments in both the Middle East and the U.S. I have a B.A. in mass communication from Cairo University, and an M.A. in media studies and a graduate diploma in public policy from the American University in Cairo. I’m a Ph.D. student in communication and media studies at the University of Oregon, as well as a graduate employee, working as a teaching/research assistant. I have presented papers at major conferences such as IAMCR and ConnectedLife at Oxford University.  

Ask me about: Drawing, writing, Egyptian mythology and folklore, working under tight deadlines and my dogs  

My pronouns: She/her

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