Waqas Ejaz

Senior Research Associate

I am a news junkie. So, naturally, I am curious about everything related to it, encompassing the processes involved, the various ways people consume it, and how it influences individuals. Therefore, it is only fitting that I find myself working with ICFJ.

I am affiliated with the Reuters Institute of Journalism at the University of Oxford. In my role, I engage in a variety of tasks, including assessing people’s climate news consumption and exploring the intersection of social media and democracy across multiple countries. Additionally, as an advocate for more empirical work from the Global South, I take pride in my research that focuses on under-represented countries. In the past, I worked as an assistant professor in Pakistan and as a research associate in Germany. Being able to communicate in four different languages is perhaps my biggest flex.

Talk to me about: Politics, cricket, food

My pronouns: He/his

Contact me: wejaz@icfj.org, on Twitter (X), and LinkedIn