Yamil Gonzales

Lecturer and Developer

Yamil Gonzales was a 2015 Professional Fellow from Latin America with ICFJ. 

Gonzales is a developer, designer and educator. He connects people and builds communities. He is an organizer of TEDxTegucigalpa, BarCamp Tegucigalpa, Game On! Hackathon, Startup Weekend San Pedro Sula, Datafest and Crea Honduras.

Currently, he works as a lecturer for the graphic design department at UNITEC, Honduras. He helps his students to understand and create functional and easy-to-use websites; from barebones HTML/CSS to usability testing. He wants people to truly understand how everything works and not just take the results for granted. He has been doing this for more than four years.

He also works as a consultant, focusing on interactive media (web and mobile). Back in 2008, he majored in Graphic Design. In 2011, he received a Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design from Kun-Shan University in Taiwan.

Aside from the “regular” work, he organizes several tech events in his community, from meetups to hackathons and everything in between. These events have grown tremendously in the last three years and he is very happy about the results. If you want to meet him, you can check the local tech events calendar, and he’ll probably be hanging out there.