ICFJ President on 2022 Themes in Global Media

In a recent McKinsey article, journalists, media executives, columnists, commentators and media critics offered their perspectives on what business stories will make the news in 2022, from climate change and misinformation to the growing role of artificial intelligence and global supply-chain challenges. They also wrote about what is not likely to merit headlines -- but should. 

ICFJ President Sharon Moshavi was among those asked to focus a personal lens on what’s likely to be covered heavily in 2022, and what issues might fly under the radar.

Here are her answers:

  • What is the business theme that will dominate our attention in 2022?

“I think 2022 will be the year of the worker. The balance of power has swung toward management for decades. The pandemic has helped change that. [This] will reshape every aspect of the labor market, from unskilled employees to top-dollar executives. Businesses will need to raise wages and offer other incentives to attract lower-skilled workers. The stakes are high. Unless transport companies are able to attract truckers and others, the global supply chain could unravel further. Meanwhile, the Great Resignation will swell, as more workers rethink their career trajectory and more companies struggle to bring employees back to the office."

  • What is the business theme that should dominate our attention in 2022?

"The collapse of the business model for local journalism. Journalists wring their hands about this, but the coverage on this subject is really geared toward the industry, not the public at large. We need to move beyond preaching to the choir and help ordinary citizens understand what is happening and why it matters. This isn't about journalism for its own sake. It is about what happens to our societies when there is a void. If we want people to vote and engage with facts, we need to put the financial sustainability of the news media on the political and economic agenda."

This story was first published at McKinsey.com


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