A New Award in Memory of Sputnik Kilambi


Kilambi trained journalists to create balanced radio broadcasts and conduct in-depth news analyses during her Knight International Journalism Fellowship at Contact FM in Rwanda.

Born in India, Sputnik spent her final years working with journalists in Africa. As a Knight International Journalism Fellow with ICFJ, she trained and mentored journalists in Rwanda and Ghana. She also worked with UN Radio in Côte d’Ivoire and in Sierra Leone, where she helped in the transition to the country’s first independent public broadcaster. She inspired journalists to uphold the highest professional standards while using the media to improve people’s lives.

ICFJ is launching a campaign to raise funds for the award, which will recognize African journalists who have produced quality stories on economic development and social justice. Winners will receive a cash grant, as well as training and mentoring at story camps organized by the African Story Challenge, to pursue further stories on these important topics. They will be nominated by ICFJ’s Knight International Journalism Fellows in Africa.

To make a donation, please click here and specify during checkout that your gift is for the Sputnik Kilambi Award. The work of the African journalists that will receive this award will keep Sputnik's memory alive and will improve coverage of social justice issues in a part of the world that Sputnik cared deeply about.