Knight International Journalism Fellowships

Global: Bolstering Digital Security and Data Privacy for Journalists around the World

Knight International Journalism Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra is creating digital tools and working with journalists and media organizations to enhance their safety and improve the security of their work. His fellowship focuses on the intersection of digital security, technology and investigative journalism.

As a Knight Fellow, he works to:

  • Create a digital security toolkit through curation, re-use and customization of digital security tools for journalists, media organizations and citizen reporters;
  • Bolster cybersecurity for investigative journalists by developing a toolkit for reporters, auditing organizations for security risks, providing safe access to and conducting specialized training.

Sierra is also creating an online risk assessment tool to help journalists by:

  • Providing geo-location of potential sources of information and possible risks in accessing those sources;
  • Offering personalized risk assessments to determine a journalist’s level of vulnerability when covering high-risk stories;
  • Developing customized tips to stay safe while covering risky or dangerous stories.