ICFJ Knight Fellowships

The ICFJ Knight Fellowships instill a culture of news innovation and experimentation worldwide. Fellows help journalists and news organizations adopt new technologies to enhance their news gathering, storytelling, editorial workflows, audience engagement and business models. The result: sustainable, trustworthy journalism that serves the public interest. Learn more.

What’s more, ICFJ's unparalleled network of global media professionals multiply the reach and impact of the ICFJ Knight Fellows’ work, seeding a truly global culture of news innovation.​​​​​ 

ICFJ Knight Fellowships

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Today’s Newsrooms Need to Show Impact. Here’s How.

June 13, 2018

Showing the impact of journalism is more vital than ever. After all, if our coverage leads to improvements in communities, then our readers will come back for more. That said, most newsrooms focus on other metrics. They gather analytics to show their reach.

Data Journalism Project in Colombia Tracks Progress Toward Peace

May 10, 2018

As Colombia works to secure a lasting peace after decades of conflict, a team of pioneering journalists are rigorously tracking the country’s progress using a powerful tool: data journalism.  Led by ICFJ Knight Fellow Fabiola Torres Lopez, the team behind “La Paz en el Terreno” (“Peace in the Field”) has built two databases focused on key indicators of peace.

With Impacto, Newsrooms Can Show, Not Just Tell, Why Their Work Matters

April 11, 2018

News organizations eager to earn their communities’ trust and grow their revenue have a powerful new set of tools at their disposal: the Impacto platform. ICFJ Knight Fellow Pedro Burgos this week in Sao Paulo launched a public version of Impacto, a project backed by the Google News Initiative, which helps newsrooms and journalists better track, understand and demonstrate the impact of their reporting on communities and society.

SembraMedia's Janine Warner and Mijal lastrebner say La Escuela Virtual offers 25 courses for digital media publishers.

Why We Launched the First Online School in Spanish for Media Entrepreneurs

February 5, 2018

A few years ago, at the end of a long day of teaching a digital journalism seminar in Ecuador, I had an epiphany.

I had agreed to a late-night meeting with a group of journalists who were working to develop their own digital media projects. We ordered pizza and talked over their questions until late into the night.