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Here Are the People Who Can Help You With AI in the Newsroom

Newsroom leaders seeking help on all things AI have a new, much-needed resource: a directory of expert trainers, coaches and consultants to draw from.

Embracing AI: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Concerns around GenAI notwithstanding – its potential to spread mis- and disinformation, and fears it could replace journalism jobs, among them – media leaders should consider how to use the technology to uplift their work. If utilized responsibly and ethically, AI can improve how news is produced and consumed.

It’s Not About AI: Toward a User-Centric, Sustainable Future for Journalism

Hi, my name is Mattia Peretti and I’m a 2024 ICFJ Knight Fellow. I became a fellow to explore how generative AI can be used by news organizations to better serve their communities, and I’ve spent the last four weeks talking with many smart people in the industry to make sense of this problem statement and figure out what to build from it. 

Global Newsroom Teams Will Harness AI to Counter Misinformation

Eight newsroom teams from the U.S and around the world will develop products and processes that harness AI to amplify truth and combat mis- and disinformation, as part of ICFJ’s Leap Innovation Lab kicking off this week. 

Register Now for Media Party in Buenos Aires

ICFJ is once again partnering on Media Party in Buenos Aires, now in its 11th edition. Registrations are open for the conference, taking place Oct. 5-7 at the Centro Cultural Konex.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Journalism Without Losing Audience Trust

At Media Party Chicago, a conference exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and journalism, attendees debated and learned about the opportunities and dangers of AI. Ethics experts proposed frameworks for responsible use of powerful new technologies, developers taught journalists how to use AI to bring customized content to their readers and reporters wrestled with how to maintain audiences’ trust while AI-aided disinformation abounds. 

New Study Offers a “Starting Point” for Teaching Media Entrepreneurs in Latin America

In Latin America, where news entrepreneurs are an important source of independent news, a growing number of students are interested in learning the skills to launch and sustain media startups. Yet fewer than 3 percent of the universities in Latin America that teach journalism and communications offer courses in entrepreneurship, a new study has found.