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Elevate: How One Pakistani Digital News Outlet Grew Its Revenue and Audience

Talha Ahad’s team at The Centrum Media, Pakistan’s first digital news network, has produced exclusive visual storytelling on Guantanamo Bay prisoners, war survivors, transgender activists and more since it launched in 2017. The news organization quickly grew its audience to millions with in-depth, independent video news coverage, in a country dominated by traditional media.

Media Leaders from ICFJ’s ‘Elevate’ Receive Grants to Pursue Business-Bolstering Projects

Media leaders from an investigative journalism organization in Peru, a multilingual news outlet covering human rights and more in Ukraine, and a news organization tracking global health policy from Geneva are among those that will receive grant funding from the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) to strengthen their businesses.

How to Make a Profit in the Modern Media Landscape

When it comes to running a media outlet, understanding business strategies is just as important as producing high-quality journalism. Informing, educating and holding the powerful accountable may be at the core of the profession, but profitability is what ensures its continued existence.