Ana Naddaf

Executive Director of Content

Ana Cristina Naddaf
Executive Director of Content, O Povo

As the executive director of content at O Povo, Naddaf is currently leading efforts to restructure how O Povo reports in the digital and print spheres. When Naddaf returned to O Povo, seven years ago as the executive editor of the content and business center, she was responsible for coordinating several magazine titles and custom editions.

Naddaf is the author of the book “Terra Feita de Gente,” and is co-author of “Moda Brasil - Fragmentos de um Vestir Tropical,” for Anhembi-Morumbi University, and “Crato - 250 Years” for the Demócrito Rocha Foundation. She is also coordinating a special edition to commemorate the 90-year anniversary of O Povo. In her career, Naddaf has received several awards for journalism.

Naddaf holds a degree in journalism from Universidade São Judas Tadeu, in São Paulo, a postgraduate degree in visual culture studies from the University of Barcelona in Spain, and another postgraduate degree in publishing: digital and print media from New York University in the United States.