Dayana Rivera

Program Assistant

Dayana Rivera provides support to several of ICFJ’s projects including its Latin American programs.

Prior to joining ICFJ, Rivera worked as the Gift and Acknowledgement Coordinator in The Madeira School’s development department. She managed the gifts and acknowledgement process for annual giving and the “All The Difference” campaign, ensured data integrity, and supported the Alumni Director on event registrations.

Rivera has more than 10 years of professional experience in sales and customer service, working for major U.S. banks and retail companies. In 2016 Rivera joined an internship program in La Paz, Bolivia, to work with social workers at Children’s Hospital, where she learned the value of assisting others and the impact of donations for nonprofit organizations.

Rivera holds an associate degree in TV Broadcasting from Montgomery College, and is currently working on her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications at the University of Maryland University College. Since the beginning of her career, Rivera has always believed that journalism is one of the greatest tools in helping communities raise their voices and be heard.