Deepa Bharath

Deepa Bharath was a Bringing Home the World Fellow in 2013. 

Deepa Bharath covers the city of Newport Beach for The Orange County Register. Over the last few years, she wrote about the issues and controversies surrounding the fall of the Crystal Cathedral, an internationally renowned megachurch in Orange County, which ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. She traveled to Ecuador in 2003 and wrote a series of articles about a medical team from Orange County that performed nearly 100 reconstructive procedures in a small community hospital at the edge of the rainforest. A native of Chennai, India, Bharath graduated from Madras University with a degree in Mass Communications. She went on to earn a master's degree in newspaper journalism from Syracuse University.

Deepa took an in-depth look at how a Newport Beach-based nonprofit, the Amy Biehl Foundation, has spread its roots in Cape Town for the last two decades empowering township youth, serving the community in post-Apartheid South Africa.