Fabiana Cambricoli de Souza


Fabiana Cambricoli de Souza was a 2017 Professional Fellow from Latin America with ICFJ.

Country: Brazil

Organization and Position: I work as a reporter at O Estado de S.Paulo (Estadão) newspaper. My main area of coverage is public health, including stories on public policies, humanization in medicine and scientific breakthroughs. Eventually, I also produce stories on other issues, such as education, urban planning, housing, security, and mobility. My articles are published in both print and online edition.

Favorite digital tool and why: My favourite digital tool is data journalism and its resources. In the information age, with so many databases made public, data journalism provides a great opportunity for reporters to discover new and relevant information without relying on only government sources.
Project Proposal: My idea is to use the Brazilian official health database (called DATASUS) to create a news website that would easily gather information and give the public the option to explore data on health statistics, causes of mortality, chronic diseases, quality of care, among others. The users would be able to navigate by region of the country, age, gender, characteristic of the population, health service, among other filters. In addition to providing free access to these data, the website would bring daily reports and infographic made from this information.

Proudest Professional Accomplishment: My proudest professional accomplishment was a multimedia storytelling published last November about the outbreak of microcephaly that reached Brazil. For this project, I followed the first year of life of four Brazilian babies born with the problem to show the government's helplessness and the consequences of poverty. The report had audio-visual resources, dynamic infographics and data visualization. With this story, I won the second place of Estadão Award in the category 'Coverage of the Year'.