Gia Castello

Program Consultant

As a program  manager, hacktivist and transmedia storyteller, I joined ICFJ to support journalists who are innovating in reporting, creating tools, and designing methodologies to hold governments accountable. I help our Knight and Velocidad programs develop strategies with an intersectional perspective, supporting open source initiatives that foster collaboration, freedom of speech and online security practices. 

My background: I have  a degree in media and entertainment management, and built a career focused on developing new platforms to tell stories and building communities to share knowledge. I was program director for the global community of journalists, Chicas Poderosas, producer for the transmedia storytelling organization Seirenfilms and Ñoño VR, and editor-in-chief for TKM magazine. I’m a member of Chicas Programando, a community of women developers in Argentina, and 0xche, an organization that works with activists in Latin America to improve their infrastructure's security and digital resources.

Ask me about: Project management, digital security and transmedia storytelling

My pronouns: She/them

Contact me: and on LinkedIn