Karen Falla

Karen Falla was a Bringing Home the World Fellow in 2017.

Karen Falla is a reporter and anchor for Univision in Dallas. A native of Peru, Karen covers local news, including crime, education, and immigration with a focus on the Hispanic community. Before joining Univision in 2010, she was a video journalist for Azteca Dallas KODF.

Project: Look into lobbying efforts in Peru, spearheaded by mothers, to legalize the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana and especially cannabis oil to treat childhood ailments ranging from cancer and epilepsy to autism.

Fellowship Goal: Returning to her native country as a reporter after 14 years in the United States, Karen is looking forward to the experience of being a foreign reporter. She hopes to gain a deeper understanding of logistics, safety, cultural sensitivity and the local political and economic systems.

News Coverage

Perú podría sumarse a la lista de países que podría despenalizar el uso de la marihuana medicinal (Peru could join the list of countries that could decriminalize the use of medical marijuana)

¿Qué proponen legisladores peruanos para despenalizar el uso de la marihuana medicinal? (What do Peruvian legislators propose to decriminalize the use of medical marijuana?)

La lucha detrás de la legalización del uso medicinal de la marihuana en Perú (The fight behind the legalization of the medicinal use of marijuana in Peru)