Laura Rojas Aponte


Laura Rojas Aponte was a 2017 Professional Fellow from Latin America with ICFJ.

Country: Colombia

Organization and Position: Ciudad de Datos (a podcast about people who work with data), Director (I’m in charge of a team of four). I also work as a communications coordinator at an NGO that defends human right in the digital age (It pays the bills).

Favorite digital tool and why: Google Drive. It seems like everything I do happens there, from the personal pictures I take with my phone, to the scripts I write and edit along with my teams.

Project Proposal: I want Ciudad de Datos (a podcast about people working with data) to become a popular show that is economically viable. Or at the very least, I want to learn how to achieve that.

Proudest Professional Accomplishment: In college, I was part of a research team that studied the relationship between cities and data. Then I convinced a group of people to work with me in making a podcast about this very subject. This podcast, the first in Spanish of its kind, is a way of educating people through storytelling about a highly technical subject which has a profound implication on the future of society.