Maria Laura Chang

Program Consultant

As a migrant journalist I know how important it is to find people that believe in and support your work. Thanks to organizations like ICFJ I found the tools to continue pursuing my passion of journalism. 

In my role as part of the ICFJ team today, I try to positively impact the careers of colleagues around the world, with a focus on my home region of Latin America. 

My background: 

I started my career as a reporter 10 years ago in Venezuela. For the past few years I also worked in nonprofits as a Communications Manager, Social Media Manager, and Project Manager. As a journalist, I have been a part of many award-winning investigations in Latin America such as El parto robado, Huir Migrar Parir y Los derechos no se aíslan. These projects helped me develop a sense of collaborative leadership and transnational work.  I am also part of different networks with journalists around the world. One of them is the Red de Periodistas Venezolanas and also the Red Latinoamericana de Jóvenes Periodistas.   

Ask me about Gender, migration, sexual and reproductive health, and human rights.

My pronouns: She/her

Contact me: and on Twitter and LinkedIn