Nadezhda Lebbie


As a first-generation American, I have a passion for learning about and enjoying other cultures and languages without any false narratives and propaganda. My parents’ home country, Sierra Leone, suffered a decade-long civil war, which has been often misrepresented in media coverage. At ICFJ, I get to see people’s truths be told, meet and work with colleagues from different backgrounds.

My background: What started as needing a high school elective grew into a career: I knew accounting was where I would end up while I was still in school. After graduating high school, I began bookkeeping for a family member’s small business.

I have worked in the accounting field for five years. I previously worked in the tax profession where my passion grew, as I helped low-income and single-mother families understand and submit their taxes. I have a bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University, and I am currently working towards my CPA license, which I hope to use to make an impact in my community. 

Ask me about: My family, what book I’m reading, my vlogging chronicles

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