Sandra Milena Ramírez Carreño

International Deputy Editor

Sandra Milena Ramírez Carreño was a 2017 Professional Fellow from Latin America with ICFJ.

Country: Colombia

Organization and Position: I serve as the international deputy editor at EL TIEMPO, Colombia’s top newspaper, where I daily cover political, social and economic global issues. In the past I worked for the free circulation newspaper ADN and for the weekly EL TIEMPO ZONA. I also taught Ethics and Journalism at Universidad El Bosque and Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. I hold a Master’s of Arts in Development Studies from the International Institute for Social Studies in The Hague.

Favorite digital tool and why: My favorite digital tool is Slideshow because it allows to develop stories that include audio, text and photography, an element that make the story rich providing deeper details.

Project Proposal: I would like to work on a project to show the numbers and stories of the Colombian post-conflict period. The idea would be to explain what implies for the country to work in a more peaceful society. For doing so, I pursues to learn how to develop storytelling in short videos and graphics that can be shared in social media, but also published in the printed version.

Proudest Professional Accomplishment: As a journalist at the international desk, I was sent to Ecuador as the special envoy of EL TIEMPO to cover the 7, 8 magnitude earthquake that hit the country in April 2016. My reporting include articles, videos, TV reports and live analysis for EL TIEMPO, ELTIEMPO.COM, Canal EL TIEMPO and Citytv.