Sara Trejos


Sara Trejos was a 2017 Professional Fellow from Latin America with ICFJ.

Country: Colombia

Organization and Position: We are a team composed by two research journalists myself included, one media producer, and one software engineer. Since the beginning of the project, in August 2016, we are developing a database of official and unofficial documents about public administration and policies. Also we want to create a document-based profile of Bogota public elected officials: mayor, city staff and city council. This prototype is the basis for a future national database that will include, in the first place, seven major cities and eventually, other municipalities of Colombia. is preparing a second phase of the project where we will design the view of the database in a digital and analog format.
Favorite digital tool and why: Video editing tools: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Audition. I worked in a traditional TV channel in my city, as a producer and TV realization I had the opportunity to learn how to use it in a different ways. Recently, I have been using it because videos are more effective in order to explain investigations and reach more audiences.

Project Proposal: Introduce civic technologies to improve citizen participation in a democratic system.

Proudest Professional Accomplishment: My first job was in a TV show called Las Claves (The Keys). Where I had the opportunity to work with, Antonio Caballero and María Elvira Samper, two of the most influential journalist in Colombia. We recorded 150 television programs about Colombian politics. We were awarded with Simon Bolivar, the most prestigious recognition in Colombian journalism.