Sher Khashimov

Program Director

I grew up in a country with an authoritarian government and a history of suppression of press freedom. Years of working in international development helped me understand that journalism is vital for democracy. This led me to ICFJ, where I manage programs that range from media innovation in Kazakhstan to investigative reporting in Sri Lanka. All programs are designed to support journalists to do exceptional reporting that helps improve governments, economies, and societies.

My background: I managed U.S. government-sponsored international development programs in Tajikistan before I moved to the U.S. for graduate school. I am a native Tajik and Russian speaker and, in addition to my work at ICFJ, I am a freelance journalist. 

Ask me about: Opportunities for journalists, program management, writing, backpacking, and the wonders of Central Asia

My pronouns: He/him

Follow me: Twitter, LinkedIn, and my personal website.