Stephen Abbott Pugh

Africa: Designing Audience Engagement Strategies

ICFJ Knight Fellow Stephen Abbott Pugh led the design and execution of audience engagement strategies for ICFJ’s Code for Africa (CfAfrica) data journalism initiative in four hub countries: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania.

Abbott Pugh is a digital journalist and project manager who has helped shape and deliver the digital strategies for two of the UK’s most high-profile websites. He is an expert on how technology and connectivity can revolutionize the way stories are told, information is shared and change is delivered.

Based in Rwanda, Abbott Pugh co-founded a civic technology company in 2014 and launched, the country’s first access-to-information website in partnership with a local civil society organization.

Previously, Abbott Pugh worked as an executive producer at The Guardian and as head of digital projects for the UK Parliament. Abbott Pugh worked as a digital advocate leading initiatives to discover new audiences by harnessing online tools and using data in a citizen-centric way.

Abbott Pugh's other past projects include the Guardian’s U.S. embassy cables revelations with Wikileaks, exploring open journalism and working with Google, Tumblr and Soundcloud to reimagine live event coverage.