Taylor Dibbert

Program Director

I manage a range of ICFJ programs -- from training journalists in the Middle East to supporting citizen journalism in Southeast Asia to helping newsroom managers in Latin America deal with stress, and more.

My background: Before joining the ICFJ team, I worked at the US Counsel on Sri Lanka, a DC-based advocacy organization. Prior to that, I worked for human rights NGOs in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. I began my career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala.

I’m passionate about the power of words and high-quality journalism.

I have a background in professional writing. Over the years my writing and journalism has appeared in a variety of outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, World Politics Review and HuffPost.

I hold degrees from Columbia University and the University of Georgia.

Ask me about: my needy dog

My pronouns: he/him

Contact me: tdibbert@icjf.org and on LinkedIn