Exposing Venezuela's Oil-for-Allies Scheme

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The Venezuelan government has spent billions propping up political allies in Latin America, even as its citizens suffer from rampant food shortages, according to a new investigation from a cross-border team of journalists.

The unprecedented investigation, called Petrofraude, found that the Venezuelan government doled out $28 billion in oil resources to 14 countries in Central America and the Caribbean, and accepted overpriced goods in exchange. Venezuela lost millions in the deals, while those in power appeared to have lined their pockets, according to the investigation led by ICFJ partner CONNECTAS.

Join us Tuesday, March 19, for a discussion with a panel of experts, including journalists behind the groundbreaking report. The event is co-sponsored by ICFJ, CONNECTAS, the Inter-American Dialogue, the National Endowment for Democracy and Transparency International.

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Carlos Eduardo Huertas - CONNECTAS

Michael Shifter - Inter-American Dialogue


David González - CONNECTAS

Miriam Kornblith - National Endowment for Democracy

Suhelis Tejero Puntes - Diario Libre

Zoe Reiter - Transparency International


Luis Botello - International Center for Journalists

Michael Camilleri - Inter-American Dialogue 


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The Petrofraude investigation was a collaboration among ICFJ partner CONNECTAS, ICFJ Knight Fellow Fabiola Torres LópezEl Pitazo (Venezuela), Diario Libre (Dominican Republic), La Prensa Gráfica (El Salvador) and Confidencial (Nicaragua).