Global Initiative to Help Newsroom Leaders “Elevate” Their Operations

By: 02/16/2022

Journalists who run small- or medium-sized independent news outlets anywhere in the world can now apply to take part in Elevate, a news business hub launching today from the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). Newsroom leaders selected for the program will have the opportunity to learn from global business executives and to receive funding to help them take their news operations to the next level.

ICFJ’s Elevate initiative is designed to strengthen public interest journalism at a time when the work of independent news outlets is vital but increasingly difficult. From exposing corruption to delivering life-saving information to fighting disinformation, the journalism that independent outlets produce is essential. Yet many media founders are wrestling with how to help their organizations thrive amid crackdowns on press freedom, difficult economic circumstances and a need for greater training and support.

“We started Elevate because the journalists in our network told us that support on the business side is one of their greatest needs,” ICFJ President Sharon Moshavi said. “So often, the people who found and run news organizations are trained in journalism, not in budgets and management and marketing. Elevate will provide one-of-a-kind coaching, helping media founders grow their business acumen so they can grow their organizations.”

The Details

The seven-month program will pair C-level executives from up to 20 news outlets with mentors from the global business community to identify and tackle a critical business problem. The coaching will fall in one of four areas: business strategy, operations and finance, technology and new media, and communications and marketing.

Four to five of the participating news outlets will receive grant funding of up to $25,000 each. The funding will be used for developing business solutions that can help participants’ organizations thrive.

“Elevate is designed to be a game changer for the news executives who participate,” said Cristina Tardáguila, the senior program director at ICFJ leading the project. “The program builds on our other media sustainability work at ICFJ, where we have seen just how valuable tailored, expert coaching can be.”

How to Get Involved

C-level executives who run small and medium-sized news organizations from anywhere in the world are eligible to apply to Elevate if they meet the criteria. The deadline is March 2. Please write ICFJ at if you are a business representative interested in opportunities to partner with Elevate by providing mentors or other support.

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