• Jun 272005

    2005 Burns Awards--Outstanding Reporting on Diverse Topics

    Two Germans and one American won the 2005 Arthur F. Burns Awards for stories resulting from their fellowship program last year. Susanne Gieffers and Fabian Mohr each received their 2,000 euro prize from Germany’s Foreign Minister at the annual Burns alumni dinner and lecture in Berlin on May 5. Klaus Scharioth, Germany’s new ambassador to the United States, will present the award to American Helen Fessenden on July 26 at the reception in Washington, D.C., for the 2006 Burns Fellows.

  • Feb 282005

    Albright, Schily Discuss Freedom and Democracy at Burns Dinners

    The Burns social season has been in full swing with the annual awards dinner in Berlin on May 5 and the alumni dinner in New York on June 13. With impressive speakers and strong alumni attendance, both events were a great success.

  • May 312004

    2004 Burns Awards--Award-Winning Burns Stories Focus on U.S. Presidential Elections

    Dr. Robin Mishra won the 2004 Arthur F. Burns Award for his diary of the 2004 U.S. presidential election campaign (“Mein Wahlkampf tagebuch”), which was published in almost 20 articles in the German weekly Rheinischer Merkur. Mishra supplemented his diary with editorials and portraits of presidential candidates George Bush and John Kerry for his German employer and his Burns host paper, the Chicago Tribune.

    Mishra received the 1,000-Euro prize from Germany’s foreign minister at the annual Burns alumni dinner and lecture on June 3 in Berlin.

  • Jun 262003

    2003 Burns Awards--And the "Burnsie" GoesTo...

    Steven Zeitchik's Fondly recalling the bad old days and Steffi Kammerer's Die Columbia ist sicher gelandet (Columbia has landed safely) were awarded the 2003 Arthur F. Burns Award.

  • May 312002

    2002 Burns Awards -- Award-Winning Burns Stories Focus on U.S. Presidential Elections

    Two Americans and one German took home the 2002 Arthur F. Burns Awards on May 23. Each year, the awards are given to Burns alumni for articles published the previous year. State Secretary Dr. Klaus Scharioth, representing the German Foreign Ministry, presided over the awards ceremony.

    The $1,000 awards went to Tagesspiegel editor Markus Feldenkirchen (2002) and U.S. journalists Guy Raz (1999), London correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR), and James Hagengruber (2002), reporter for the Billings ( Mont.) Gazette.