Accelerating Digital Businesses


ICFJ, in partnership with Meta and different Brazilian media associations, launches the Accelerating Digital Businesses program, which will contribute to the improvement of business models and financial sustainability for media organizations of all types, sizes, and locations that serve the Brazilian public. The program also seeks to help them to use digital tools in an innovative and strategic way for the development and growth of their businesses.


Program Phases


  1. The first phase of the program consists of a webinar series with specialists, both Brazilian and international, in the areas of media and business, which will support Brazilian media organizations to improve their business management skills, reinforce the organizational relationship with their digital audiences, develop new projects and products, generate revenue, and construct innovative and sustainable business models. The webinars will be in Portuguese. In the event that the invited specialist is foreign, there will be simultaneous interpretation into Portuguese through Zoom.
    1. This phase will be divided into two groups: the first, open to specialists and professionals that work in media organizations or independently, and the second, reserved for executives. The specialist training begins in March and will last 10 weeks.
    2. Executives will have the opportunity to apply for an exclusive training with an international business school to keep themselves updated on the latest trends in the strategic management of digital businesses.
    3. Executives can also apply for the specialist trainings, if they are interested.
    4. All of the participants will receive certificates at the end of the trainings, sent by ICFJ as well as the university, for the executive training.

The image below will help decide how to participate. Important: these are the target positions, but the program is not limited to only professionals in these roles. ICFJ will evaluate and approve each application individually.


Mentorship and Grant Funding

In the second phase of the program, participants can apply to receive exclusive mentorship for five months, in addition to financial support for the development of projects that will innovate or accelerate their digital businesses. The selected participants will be mentored by specialists in the market with substantial experience in the developmenht of digital products and strategies.

Media organizations can apply to receive up to $15,000 USD and independent journalists can receive up to $2,500 USD.


Program Eligibility

Brazilian media organizations (of any type or size, both digitally-native and traditional) and independent journalists/freelancers can apply to participate in the program.

Important: to be considered eligible to receive the mentorship and grant, organizations and independent journalists must participate in at least 75% of the webinar sessions offered in the first program phase.

Partnership with Media Associations

The Accelerating Digital Business program contains different approaches to support diverse types of media and was structured in partnership with important Brazilian media associations (Abert, ABMD, Abraji, Ajor, ANER, and ANJ), in a way that corresponds to the needs and expectations of the media ecosystem in the country. As part of the program, those assocated with these entities will also have access to exclusive training sessions.

Those interested can check the terms and conditions of the program and all of the eligibility criteria HERE.

Program Dates:
1/23/2023 - 12/15/2023
Program Type
Online Course
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