Awards for Journalistic Excellence in Guinea

The Republic of Guinea, led by a military government that took power through a 2021 coup, is in the throes of an uncertain transition that the new leadership has promised will result in democratic reforms. For democracy to become established and flourish, independent journalists must be trained to perform their essential function as watchdogs for the public interest.

To this end, the Awards for Journalistic Excellence in Guinea will recognize the outstanding achievements of Guinean journalists thus far. With the chance for winners to attend an in-person workshop and receive reporting grants, this prize will also equip them to carry out this vital work and become bulwarks against the return of corruption, human rights violations and the neglect and mismanagement that created the conditions for the coup.

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and the U.S. Embassy in Guinea are partnering on the Prize for Excellence in Journalism in Guinea. The Prize will honor independent journalists who produce enterprising stories of the highest caliber and groundbreaking reporting that informs communities and holds public officials accountable. Nominations are now open.

The Prize is open to journalists working at newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasters, wire services, independent producers, and online news sites. 

The awards will recognize excellence in eight categories: Audio Reporting, Visual Reporting, Investigative Reporting, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Courage in Journalism, Accountability Journalism, and Reporting on Critical Gender Issues. 

Award winners will receive a special invitation to attend an intensive, three-day, in-person journalism training program in Guinea in 2024. Prize winners will also be eligible for $1,000 reporting grants, as well as one-on-one mentorship during their reporting projects.

ICFJ invites you to nominate a colleague or yourself. No more than three entries may be made by a single individual. An individual may enter more than one prize but may submit only one entry for each category. The same content cannot be entered in more than one category. Material submitted must be published in Guinea by an active publishing entity and has been published in French or in English during the 2023 calendar year. Text, video, audio and multimedia submissions will be accepted. The submission deadline is Feb. 12, 2024.

Program Dates:
3/1/2024 - 8/31/2024
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In-Country Program

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