Anthony Marquez, Vice President and General Manager, WPLG - Channel 10
Frank Baker, Assistant Chief of Bureau, Los Angeles
Steven Gaydos, Executive Editor, Features
Adonis E. Hoffman, Senior Vice President & Counsel, American Association of Advertising Agencies
Kathleen Holzwart, Research Analyst, Pew Global Attitudes Project
Erin Carriere-Kretschmer, Senior Researcher, Pew Global Attitudes Project
Matthew Toledo, CEO/ Publisher, Los Angeles Business Journal
Cary Hatch, President/ CEO, MDB Communications
Gary Duke, Executive VP, Strategic Planning, MDB Communications
Seth Niman, Creative Director of Media, MDB Communications
Richard M. Coad, Executive Creative Director, MDB Communications
Carlos Silva, International Advertising Manager, Washington Post
Scott McKibben, Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer, Los Angeles Times Media Group
John T. O'Loughlin, Executive Vice President, Targeted Media, Chief Marketing Officer
Jack D. Klunder, Executive Vice President, Circulation and Distribution
Meredith Artley, Executive Editor, Interactive

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