Strengthening Regional Journalism Through Data Capacity Building: A Cross-Border Approach in West Africa

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is partnering with the U.S. Embassy Conakry on an eight-month program that will help journalists strengthen their reporting skills in data analysis, fact-checking, and investigative reporting in order to more effectively fight mis/disinformation in the Sahel. 

ICFJ will support journalists across Chad, Guinea, Mali, Niger, and Senegal to:

  • Enhance data journalism skills.
  • Produce fact-based, investigative reporting.
  • Foster a regional network of trained journalists to promote cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Using our tested “funnel approach,” ICFJ’s training model goes wide, reaching a large swath of journalists in a cost-effective way through virtual training and deep, working intensively with dedicated journalists through in-person training and reporting grants. We will implement the program in the following three stages:

  1. Online courses as an economical way to identify a large number of promising participants across five countries
  2. An in-person reporting workshop for 15 journalists (three per country) that will provide more in-depth training on investigative journalism utilizing data reporting to identify and combat mis- and disinformation
  3. Reporting grants that will be awarded to the top five performing journalists from the reporting workshop. These five journalists will receive three months of tailored mentorship while reporting their stories.

More information, including an application link for the 2024 online courses, will be available soon.

Program Dates:
10/1/2023 - 10/31/2024
Program Type
In-Country Program
Online Course

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Bailey Orr
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