U.S. Study Tour for Georgian journalists


The Georgia TV Co-Op Study Tour provides an opportunity for a team of two Georgian journalists to learn about and report on the U.S. education system, as well as to deepen their reporting knowledge through an exchange with U.S. media.

During a 16-day visit to the U.S., participants will travel to Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C., to meet with academics and explore game-based learning and animation in the U.S. education system. The team will later produce a segment for their news outlet, Mtavari Channel, that addresses the possibilities and opportunities created through the use of game-based learning and animation. The Georgian journalists will be working with Emmy-award winning producer and media executive, Joanne Levine.

The program builds on the longstanding exchange tradition between Georgian and U.S. media and creates an opportunity for academics from the U.S. and Georgia to learn from each other.

Meet the Participants

Tea Adeishvili
Tea Adeishvili is an experienced television journalist with over 25 years of experience. Since 2008, she has been working as a television journalist for the analytical weekly program "Post Factum," which has one of the highest ratings in Georgia. In addition, Adeishvili continues to host the popular talk show "The Steward of the Day" twice a week, which analyzes important national-level social and political stories. With her extensive experience as a journalist, Adeishvili is a well-respected and valued member of the Georgian media community and has covered many important events around the world, including the 2013-2014 Maidan protests in Ukraine. 

Tato Gurgenidze
Tato Gurgenidze has 14 years of experience as a cameraman. He graduated from Tbilisi Independent College of Media and Television Arts in 2014. From 2010 to 2019, Gurgenidze worked at Rustavi 2, and in 2019,  transitioned to independent TV broadcaster, TV Formula.  In 2020, Gurgenidze  joined TV Mtavari Channel as a cameraman. 

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