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ICFJ is working with journalists, professional and citizen, in more countries than ever before. In the past year alone, we launched the African News Innovation Challenge to spur experimentation in newsrooms across the continent, empowered Pakistani journalists with digital tools to better cover rural elections and launched an initiative to cultivate a community of tech-savvy women in Latin American newsrooms. We are also empowering minority journalists in the United States with skills to report on important international stories as well as personal finance and markets.

We're making progress, but we need your help. Quality journalism plays a vital role in improving lives. When you give to ICFJ, you are helping us make that happen.

Here are a few examples of how we are making a difference:


South American journalists are tracking environmental degradation in the world’s largest rain forest with InfoAmazonia, a map that uses satellite images, open data, and media feeds to plot deforestation, mining and oil drilling. Its technology is now being used in similar projects in Africa.


ICFJ launched the African Health Journalists Association to give reporters the tools and resources they need to improve coverage of health issues. Stories by African reporters have led to improved maternity clinics in Nigeria, a successful polio vaccination campaign in Uganda, better sanitation in Kenya and more access to vaccinations in Ethiopia.

Digital Innovation

In Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, hundreds of journalists and news technologists have participated in “boot camps” to learn how to find, analyze and visualize data. They have designed new apps that help citizens learn whether a doctor has medical credentials or a mining company is paying taxes. The “Find My School” app allows Kenyan parents to see how their child’s school is performing. A project in Chile uses data to reveal links between government and business elites.

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