ICFJ Voices: Sarah Abdallah, Managing a Community of Journalists in the MENA Region

This year, ICFJ is celebrating our 40th anniversary and our long history of supporting journalists. Throughout the year, we will be showcasing network members from around the world. 

Growing up in Lebanon amid wars and economic and social instability, “makes you live with the news,” says Sarah Abdallah, who knew

Impact Report: Highlights From the Past Year

The ICFJ network is a powerful line of defense against increasing assaults on truth and rising authoritarianism. By exposing injustice, fighting disinformation and shedding light on underreported stories, the journalists we serve improve and, in some cases, even save lives.

ICFJ Voices: Leon Lidigu, Advancing Health Journalism in Kenya

Leon Lidigu’s journalism focuses on the intersection of health and climate, highlighting key issues faced by the Kenyan population, and women in particular. Lidigu is a global health and climate reporter for one of Kenya’s leading newspapers, The Nation.

ICFJ Voices: Daniel Nardin, Elevating Amazon Stories

For Daniel Nardin, the Amazon is more than a place to call home. As a journalist from the Brazilian state of Pará, he has worked and built a career in the region, holding reporting roles in the local press, serving as the Pará State secretary of communications, and even leading the media outlet, Grupo Liberal, as director of journalism and content

Elevate: How One Pakistani Digital News Outlet Grew Its Revenue and Audience

Talha Ahad’s team at The Centrum Media, Pakistan’s first digital news network, has produced exclusive visual storytelling on Guantanamo Bay prisoners, war survivors, transgender activists and more since it launched in 2017. The news organization quickly grew its audience to millions with in-depth, independent video news coverage, in a country dominated by traditional media.

Ugandan Journalist Launches Innovative Project Aimed at Reducing Disinformation in Deaf Communities

Reporters, sign language interpreters and other community members have forged a network in Uganda that is countering misinformation in the deaf community, as part of a project supported by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and led by journalist Willy Chowoo.

ICFJ Knight Fellow’s Investigation Into Dangerous Pesticides Leads to New Bill in Peru

In a groundbreaking investigation, ICFJ Knight Fellow Fabiola Torres and her team at Salud con lupa have uncovered alarming findings in Peru. Their report, "A hidden poison on my plate," found that more than 30 pesticides, known to be harmful to health, are present in fruits and vegetables sold by six of Peru's largest supermarket chains. Now, because of Salud con lupa, the Peruvian government is taking action.

How an ICFJ Knight Fellow’s Team Investigated the Peruvian Vaccine Scandal

When Peru’s Congress received access to the full list of those secretly vaccinated, the investigative health site Salud con Lupa (in English, “Health Under a Magnifying Glass”) delved deeper. Many names sounded familiar to the journalists working for the outlet. “We knew many of these people even from before the scandal broke out. They were sources to many journalists. They were thought leaders and medical advisors in the Peruvian media,” ICFJ Knight Fellow Fabiola Torres said in an interview with IJNet.

ICFJ-Backed Health Fellow Exposes Hugely Inflated Prices for Face Shields In El Salvador

Authorities in El Salvador have fired an official and launched a probe into government contracts awarded during the COVID-19 pandemic after a report by a journalist on an ICFJ program. Her reporting showed that the government bought face shields from that official’s family company -- and at inflated prices. 

Nigerian Authorities Promise Clean Drinking Water After Reporters Reveal Health Effects of Oil Spills

After two Nigerian journalists used blood tests to show that oil spilled more than a decade ago was still poisoning Niger Delta townships through their well water, the national government announced it would hire contractors to provide potable water to the affected communities.