Join the Discussion: The Forum on Facebook

The Global Health Crisis Reporting Forum’s Facebook group is a space for journalists covering the pandemic - one of the most complex and important stories of our time - to connect with health experts, resources and each other. The appetite for such an initiative is strong: In its first few days, more than 1,600 journalists from every corner of the globe, including some reporting under quarantine, joined.

Almost immediately, members started collaborating. Reporters from Africa called for partners to put together a cross-border team to apply for a reporting grant. An African data visualization expert has offered his services to a Caribbean journalist. A Mexican reporter working on a podcast connected with a mental health expert in Peru, and an Indian journalist found an Italian fact checker to help combat misinformation about the pandemic there.

This is just the beginning.

In addition to sparking collaborations, the Forum is a place to share information and connect with health experts. Beyond journalists, we welcome fact checkers, journalism students, health experts, health workers, and staff members from media development and media freedom organizations seeking to support reporters. All of our webinars, featuring health professionals, newsroom leaders and other speakers, are streamed on the group page (if you are not on Facebook but would like to hear about upcoming webinars, please sign up for our newsletter).

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