Research: Journalism and COVID-19

ICFJ's research arm, led by Global Director of Research Julie Posetti (Ph.D.), is studying the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for journalism. This research, in partnership with the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, aims to inform how the field recovers from this devastating crisis. The long-range study will analyze changes in journalism practice and the effects on business models and audience engagement. The Journalism and the Pandemic Project also will explore the changing nature of disinformation challenges, media freedom threats and journalism safety risks.

ICFJ research is focused on understanding the challenges and opportunities facing the news media today. Our goal is to help find solutions that advance independent, trustworthy journalism. We have the unique ability to survey our vast global network of journalists and newsrooms in multiple languages to learn from one another and to identify trends that affect the future of our field.

Our other ongoing research projects include studies on disinformation and online violence against women journalists (commissioned by the UN). Findings from these studies will not only inform how ICFJ designs its own programs, but also provide insights for newsroom leaders, funders and others committed to strengthening independent journalism.

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