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5 Lessons Learned about the Newsletter Business in the U.S.

As an Arthur F. Burns Fellow from Germany, I was able to look behind the scenes at the newsletter start-up 6AM City for two months. This is how clever curating can create a multimillion-dollar business.


New Class of Arthur F. Burns Fellows Begins Transatlantic Exchange Program

Like hundreds of fellows before them, 23 fellows from the United States, Canada and Germany met last week in Washington, D.C., to kick off the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship – a two-month transatlantic exchange program.


Thirty Years of Transatlantic Dialogue

Over the past 30 years, the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship has made an extensive and lasting impact on both the participating journalists and transatlantic relations. By providing journalists the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and deepen their coverage, the Burns Fellowship helps strengthen the media and preserve the transatlantic bond. Read about the 30 years of the Burns Fellowship here.


"Tear Down This Wall" - A Discussion and Remembrance

“Tear Down this Wall” was a panel discussion hosted by the Burns Fellowship to commemorate the 30th anniversary of both the fellowship and President Reagan’s famous speech at the Brandenburg Gate. The panel included Richard Burt, the U.S. ambassador to Germany at the time and a Burns trustee, and Peter Robinson, the speechwriter tasked with writing what is now considered Reagan’s best speech. Moderating the panel was Romesh Ratnesar, journalist and author of Tear Down this Wall: A City, a President, and the Speech that Ended the Cold War.



My Burns Fellowship at NBC by Florian Danner

Arthur F. Burns fellow Florian Danner, created a short video highlighting aspects of his fellowship with NBC, and shares useful tips from present journalists. 


German Reporting Exchange Program Hits a 30-Year Milestone

CNN Senior International Correspondent Fred Pleitgen has crisscrossed the world covering breaking news for the network. Looking back, he credits the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship, a reporting exchange program for German, U.S. and Canadian journalists, with launching his path.

“The fellowship made my subsequent career," said Pleitgen, who was placed at CNN's headquarters in Atlanta as a Burns Fellow in 2005.


Twenty-two outstanding reporters selected for 2015 Arthur F. Burns Fellowship

Washington, DC – Twelve German journalists, eight reporters from the U.S. and two media professionals from Canada have been selected for the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship.

The prestigious program, now in its 28th year, offers highly skilled journalists from both sides of the Atlantic the opportunity to travel and report from each other’s countries. Through this exchange, participants learn and share professional skills with one another, and gain experience working abroad as “foreign correspondents” for their home news organizations.


Twenty Young Journalists from U.S. and Germany Named as 2008 Arthur F. Burns Fellows

Washington, D.C. – Twenty select young journalists from the United States and Germany will spend the summer working as foreign correspondents on either side of the Atlantic as 2008 Arthur F. Burns Journalism Fellows. Read More...