Expanding investigative reporting and media sustainability in Nicaragua

  The Fundación Violeta B. de Chamorro, ICFJ, and the Latin American journalism platform, CONNECTAS offers a program aimed at strengthening the capacity of Nicaraguan journalists to produce in-depth reports on topics of national interest. 

The program includes participation in CONNECTAS' Online School, and those who finish the course successfully will be eligible to participate in an in-person course with investigative journalism experts in Managua, Nicaragua in February or March 2018. 

Registration for the Online School will be until October 29th. Applications won't be considered past these dates. The Online School will begin on November 6th and will last for three weeks.

Among others, it will cover:

  • How to identify stories, form a hypothesis, and the preparation required for an in-depth investigation;
  • Sources, and the requirements for publishing a story;
  • Risks associated with practicing investigative journalism and how to prevent possible attacks.

The Online School will require a time commitment of at least five hours a week and a stable internet connection.

The application time period for the Online Course and Workshop has passed.