Innovation Funds for Digital Initiatives for Nicaraguan Journalists

Fundación Violeta B. de Chamorro, ICFJ, and CONNECTAS invite applications for their "Innovation Funds for Digital Journalists in Nicaragua." The funds will finance five (5) initiatives, with a maximum of $5,000 per project to either a group or individual.

The Innovation Funds seek to support:

  • Already existing projects/digital initiatives or emerging projects/digital initiatives, which aim to produce in-depth journalistic content on national topics of interest in their local communities.

FVBCH, ICFJ, and CONNECTAS will judge applications on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the project in the current context;
  • The project's methodology and how the project/digital initiative will be achieved;
  • The likelihood of the journalist or team of journalist's to implement the project in a 3-4 month time period;
  • The journalist or team of journalist's prior experience developing a similar project;
  • The journalist or team of journalist's ability to include elements which will increase the project's visibility (i.e. multimedia, convincing visualizations, etc.)
  • The likelihood that the project will increase content on topics of national interest;
  • The potential impact on public opinion.

Here are several examples of the types of projects/digital initiatives that the Innovation Fund seek to fund:

Apply here before May 18, 2018.

Those selected to receive the Innovation Fund will receive one-on-one mentoring to improve the project/initiative, maximize the potential reach of the Initiative, and foment collaboration in the region. The mentoring will be primarily online, but ICFJ will also conduct trips to Managau for in-person meetings.

At this time, we can only finance proposal ideas from Nicaraguan journalists. Applications from other countries won't be considered.