Jogo Limpo, ‘Fair Game,’ a program to fight misinformation during the 2022 presidential election in Brazil

The ICFJ program, supported by YouTube Brazil, is seeking project ideas that will stem falsehoods expected in the country’s 2022 campaigns.   

Brazil, a country with 160 million social media users, has been facing a slew of misinformation and disinformation for years. In 2018, Brazilians were overwhelmed by the impact of online falsehoods on the presidential election, and have been working hard to find different ways to combat it since then. 

"Jogo Limpo" (“Fair Game” in Portuguese) is the latest effort toward a more factual and truthful presidential campaign. Launched by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) in partnership with YouTube Brazil, this program aims to empower journalists, fact-checkers and the Brazilian news media ecosystem to fight misleading content about the voting system and the electoral process.

How will "Jogo Limpo" work?
Proposals that are focused on electoral mis- and disinformation and that can fit in one of the following categories can apply to “Jogo Limpo”. See some examples:
  • Content production
    • Building and testing new formats for fact-checking
    • Launching new products/services related to fact-checking
    • Launching collaborative efforts to tackle mis- and disnformation at national and/or regional levels
    • Reaching and engaging new audiences
    • Mapping electoral mis- and disinformation and/or fact-checking use/spread
  • Tech development 
    • Building a new or upgrading existing chatbots
    • Developing a new or upgrading existing databases
    • Creating tools that are capable of tracking/monitoring the spread of mis/disinformation
    • Creating tools that support storytelling against mis/disinformation
  • Media literacy
    • Offering workshops, webinars and other training sessions
    • Offering support to authorities and organizations on understanding and combating electoral mis- and disinformation
All projects must:
  • Be related to electoral mis- and disinformation. 
  • Demonstrate a strong sense of creativity and innovation. 
  • Have a clear connection to journalism and the news ecosystem
Who can apply?
Proposals can be submitted by journalists, fact-checkers and collaborative teams (including professionals who aren’t journalists but working against mis- and disinformation in any capacity for at least the last six months).

Organizations and individuals (if they are over 18) are welcome to submit up to three proposals, one per category. Applicants holding public office aren’t eligible.
What will selected participants receive?
  • Grants of up to $25,000 (adding to a total of $ 150,000)
  • Three months of mentorship
  • Project/promotion through ICFJ and YouTube Brazil
Project timeline:
  • Call for application: April 25 to May 18 
  • Selected participants announcement: June 21, 2022
  • Project funding and mentorship: June 23 to September 23, 2022
Projects should be ready to run by August 16, 2022, when the official electoral campaign starts in Brazil.


Selection criteria:
A team of external and independent advisors will help ICFJ’s staff in the selection process. To pick the best proposals, they will grade them following a set of questions:
  • Is this an innovative and creative initiative? 
  • What is the potential impact of the project?
  • How scalable or adaptable is the proposed project? 
  • Can the project be fully completed and implemented in the allocated time frame and budget?
  • Does this project have clear KPIs and means to be measured?


“Jogo Limpo” is a program fully funded by YouTube Brazil.



How much is it to enroll in the program?
This program is completely free of charge for the participant. 


How many applications can I send?

You are welcome to submit up to three proposals, one per category. 

Can foreign organizations apply?
Yes, as long as the organization has at least one Brazil-based individual joining the team and at least one member being fluent in Portuguese. "Jogo Limpo" also requires that participants use at least 70% of the funding in Brazilian territory.

Can I submit a project that is purely technology or education focused?
It depends. This program seeks to improve Brazil's news ecosystem. The selected projects should have a strong journalistic bias, entering the fight against mis/disinformation in Election 2022. 


Can individuals submit a proposal?
Yes, as long as they are over 18, do not hold a public office and have proven experience in combating mis- and disinformation. The application will require proof of at least 6 months of work on this front.

Can organizations submit a proposal?
Yes, as long as your organization has proven experience in combating mis-disinformation. The application will require proof of at least 6 months of work on this front.

Program Dates:
6/23/2022 - 9/23/2022
Program Type
In-Country Program
Funded by