Read Feedback from Students

What The Students Have to Say About the Program:

"The GBJ program is interesting. I didn't have a journalism background but I was interested in journalism. Everything about the program helps you in the Digital Age in which we live. For example, the multimedia course helped me diversity my talents, especially for the job I got at Tecno Mobile Company in Cameroon. I could communicate [through multimedia] and also do some sales analysis. I have always been interested in journalism. The exposure here is incredible. You get to meet people who inspire you. People from all spheres of the world give lectures here and you are able to contact them after. This is so useful. So much information is readily available. [The] Bloomberg [digital news lab] is so useful. Presentations change you. Every course in the program builds you. If you take full advantage of the program's facilities and resources you will definitely benefit."

- Gaelle Ayamou

"I'd like to thank you for sponsoring such a wonderful program! I have already benefited from it. This program offers us a good opportunity to step on a new platform…. I think the GBJ program can equip me with a financial background which can help me to do better in the future."
- 毕子甲 BI (Jackie) Zijia

"I never expected this program could be so challenging and helpful. As a program set for international journalism education, I really sense the study environment here is global: courses taught fully in English, teachers with international media work experience, and fellow classmates from all over the world, which give me a wider range of vision and global outlook. I tried a lot of daily interviews, conference reporting, IT stories, consumer stories for business media, and always enjoy discussing how to edit my stories with my teachers in our "GBJ newsroom." Deadlines sometimes can be a headache. However, that's where the challenging and exciting part of this program lies. I enjoy the study and practice in this program so much."
- 谭宗洋 TAN (Stephen) Zongyang

"With the program’s workshop-style discussions and brainstorming open-class style, I've learned how to cover the fast-changing world of business, economics and finance, with a focus on China ’s role in the global marketplace. I've learned from this program with the help of Professor Dowling and Professor Wiest, who offered both patient editing and enlightening rewriting suggestions. I am forming a global perspective from this program, not only from foreign instructors and English-language textbooks, but more importantly from the real world experience of my fellow students from around the world."
- 刘琪 LIU (Crystal) Qi

"This is a great international environment with professionals from top overseas universities, magazines and newspapers teaching daily courses or giving lectures. Most impressively, I got the chance to talk to the former U.S. ambassador in a banquet sponsored by Merrill Lynch and Bloomberg. The Global Business Journalism Program makes my dream of becoming a business journalist come true!"
- 姚波 YAO (Bob) Bo

"This program provides us with a lot of opportunities to learn from excellent journalists how to report…We know more about the world’s big economic entities, which widens our horizons…..We have classmates from different parts of the world; we acquire more cross-culture knowledge and different ways of thinking..."
- 徐淑君 XU (Ellen) Shujun

What the Students Have to Say About the International Faculty

"I'd like to thank you for providing such excellent teachers to us. Bob Dowling, ex-editor of BusinessWeek, shows us how to be a qualified business reporter. I treasure the good opportunity to learn from a great veteran. Nailene Chou Wiest, ex-correspondent with Reuters, teaches us how to write about business step by step. She is a really good teacher."
- 毕子甲BI (Jackie) Zijia

"I feel very lucky to be a member of GBJ. Thank you for bringing this program to Tsinghua University. Professor Dowling is a very nice teacher. He taught us not only how to write a story but also how to be a good journalist... Professor Wiest shares her expertise to teach us how to report on the business world. Though it's a bit difficult for students who have no financial background, we learn a lot from her."
- 卢朵宝 LU (Milcah) Duoba

"I enjoyed Professor Dowling’s class very much. In both the writing class and the ethics class, he shares his experience with us and considers us to be a group of real journalists. I respect him very much and appreciate his sense of responsibility as a teacher, a journalist and an editor. Professor Wiest’s class focuses more on the business field. The class helps us learn more about the very field into which we will go in the future. She has a very good sense of responsibility."
- 邢宇 XING (Polly) Yu