The Tsinghua Global Business Journalism Program (GBJ)

International GBJ graduates join faculty and staff at the 2018 Commencement.
International GBJ graduates join faculty and staff at the 2018 commencement.

The Global Business Journalism (GBJ) Program at Tsinghua University in Beijing is a cross-cultural master’s degree program featuring outstanding  journalism students from China and around the world. The GBJ program, a partnership between the International Center for Journalists, Tsinghua University and Bloomberg News, is the most prestigious English-language business journalism program on the Chinese mainland. 

The program, which takes students two years to complete, is educating a cadre of journalists to cover the intricacies of economic, finance and business in the expanding China market. GBJ offers an array of specialized courses including international accounting standards, multimedia journalism, data mining, complex financial derivatives, journalism ethics, advanced feature writing techniques and the management of media organizations.

Internationally renowned scholars and accomplished journalists teach the program’s courses in English. The program also provides students with internship opportunities at major media organizations.

2017 Fall semester students visit the Beijing Review with Rick Dunham, GBJ Program Co-Director
2017 Fall semester students visit the Beijing Review with Rick Dunham, GBJ Program Co-Director. Photo Credit: Beijing Review Sta

International graduates receive an M.A. in Global Business Journalism from the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication, a top journalism school in Asia.

Program Highlights:

  • Setting the standard. Launched in 2007, GBJ’s top-notch, innovative curriculum meets the ever-changing demands of the business world and technological advances. 
  • A diverse group of students. The student body is culturally and professionally diverse, reflecting strong global interest and a highly selective admissions process. GBJ has educated more than 200 international graduates from more than 60 countries.
  • Unique resources. The GBJ news lab has the largest number of Bloomberg terminals donated to any university. The program benefits from academic resources on the Tsinghua campus, including its prestigious School of Economics and Management and the Schwarzman College. 
  • Job opportunities and networking. Graduates of the program are working at major media organizations such as Bloomberg, Reuters, South China Morning PostCCTV and Xinhua News Agency. Others are working for tech start-ups, New Media enterprises or have landed communications positions at companies such as Ogilvy China and Bank of America.

Application deadlines for non-Chinese students:

First round: Nov. 1, 2018 - Jan. 15, 2019
Second round: Jan. 16, 2019 - March 1, 2019

An earlier application improves your chances of receiving a scholarship.

How to apply:

Students from outside of China are required to fill out an application. These applicants must have a valid passport and a bachelor’s degree. 

To apply for the program, please visit:

If you have any questions or problems accessing the application form on the Tsinghua website, please email Sarah Ma at

For more information about the program, please visit:

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Program Dates:
9/16/2007 - 3/20/2019
Program Type
In-Country Program

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